Machan and HIS DAY OUT..

Yes Machaan
Shall we go out tomorrow..?
Where shall we go..?
_____ _____
and lunch from this and that and ____ after watching the movie from ___
how about going here here here and there (some public places including some museums and temples)
why Machan..?
nah NothinG
will go then..

*After 10 minutes in another SKYPE chat *

Dude I forgot to tell you I have somethings to do..
I have this party and that and that and that and that and........................

OK Machan will go there some other time

KEEP IN MIND : Some people cannot do day outing WITHOUT wasting money on LUXURIOUS STUFF..   


My writings,

  Can be containing #incorrect grammar
  Can be containing #incorrect data
  Can be containing some weird ideas
  Can be sth related to #kicking ass :)
  Can be sarcastic

SIMPLY that's why you call those "Writings of CHATHURAWIND.."