I asked you gently
What is the reason for 
this long lasting silence
But you never answered
I asked again again and again
Finally I got an answer
"I was busy"
I know that you are busy
I dont want to bother you 
But I just wanted to hear you
I know I can manage 
even  though I'm 
too busy
Even if I was in a lecture 
I texted you
I didnt want you to call me 
but atleast you could have send me
Thats all what I want to hear
Now I got to know that I'm lost
I will never ever bother you my love
as Rafael says 
You have not felt it here


The way he cried :(

Each time when we try to be together
this happens
Is it your arrogance
Is it your innocence
Is it the way you used to be
Arbitrary ideas
No discussions
No sense of humor
No intimacy
Each time it leads to an estrangement
No feelings by heart
No emotions at all
and I really don't know what the truth is

My love do you really love me?

Picture source : Accessed on 20th July 2011 21.20 [Online]